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Our History 


     The history of The Community House is the story of many families and of their devotion to traditional American values. To them, home, helpfulness, and honoring God were both goals and satisfactions. 

     The early 1900's forgot the old mining town of Red River, New Mexico. Though surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in America, few people knew of its beauty, fishing potential and recreational possibilities. It seems inconceivable, in the latter years of the twentieth century, that Red River was ever a tiny strip of bars and minimal commercial activity sitting on the edge of a snowmelt marsh.

     The story of what The Community House is and how it came to be can not be told better that it is told here. Neither can it be told better than by Mrs. Hal Yeager. Ruth is the last of the pioneers, the old-timers who found a tiny mountain village and guaranteed that whatever its future the values of family fun and worship would be preserved.

The Community House is her creation, as much as it is anyone's. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the best, whether in business, home, or church, has served across the years like a campfire on a cold night. She warmed others and gave them confidence they were not alone in their vision for the future.

     Read the history of The Community House. Better yet, dedicate yourself, your finances and your influence to assure that what is is today will continue long into the twenty-first century. If you do, our ancestors and your offspring will both be served well.

                  - Rev. Richard M. Freeman

             (Excerpt from Red River Community House by Ruth Yeager)

Established 1940

Come and see us all summer long for free family fun!

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