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Board of Trustees

     The Board of Trustees consists of not more than 12 members to be nominated and elected by existing Board members.  They have full responsibility for the management of the nonprofit corporation.  The term of office of a member is three years and a member can be elected for two consecutive terms.  A trustee must be off the Board for a minimum of one year before being reelected to a subsequent term.  

     Related trustees are discouraged and must be evaluated on a case by case basis.  To be a member of the Board, a person must be a year-round resident, a property owner, or a frequent long-term visitor in the Red River Valley.


Our present Board of Trustees consists of the following and the Committee they chair:


Blanche Hudson, President 


Gil Burch, Vice President, Business Manager

Doug McCormick, Vice President, Building Manager

Beth Bryson, Secretary

Jerry Johnson, Parliamentarian

Sara Perry, Treasurer and Digital Media

Joyce Stewart, Assistant Treasurer and Rentals Manager

Sabrina Webster, Bingo Manager

Donna Stewart, Social and Yoga Manager

Kim Leach, Town of Red River Business Representative

Kimberly Brow, Merchandise and Square Dance Manager

Nita Whiteside, Memorial and Honorariums Manager


Red River Community House

116 E Main St.
Red River, New Mexico 87558

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Randy Henson, Church Service Manager


Trevor Lancaster, Sound System

Sharon Drumm, Summer Ladies’ Coffee 

Darlene Henson, Sunday Luncheons 

Bob Hockman & Beth Bryson, Church 

Linda Ralston, Pianist 

Tom & Julia Mundheim, Worship Music

Doug Newtown, Red River Valley Foundation

Tana McCormick, Summer Activities


Georgia Owens, Friends of Library 


Donna Robertson, Ladies' Bible Study 

Mark Stewart, Assistant Building Manager

Kay Wendell, Amanda Pierce Nature Fund

Brent Barby, Hiking

Phillip Perry, Technology and Lawn Advisor

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